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Automate Change Control and Compliance

ChangeGear gives your business what it needs right now – a best-of-breed enterprise change management solution with simple, straightforward operation. ChangeGear provides IT change management process automation to streamline the entire change and release management process. This includes automating workflows, approvals, notifications, and providing a complete historical audit-trail.

Comprehensive yet cost-effective, ChangeGear can help your organisation automate IT change management control and simplify the adoption of IT controls such as ITIL, MOF, and COBIT. ChangeGear incorporates the best practices defined in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) out of the box and harnesses the power of Microsoft’s .NET architecture. The intuitive web interface makes ChangeGear change management easy to use and deploy in your environment. Whether it is upgrading a server or changing a password, ChangeGear will help you combine people, process, and technology to simplify change management.

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Technical Requirements

Change Management Features

Change Management

Built-in change management process allows you to easily track, manage, and control all IT changes made to your IT environment using the ITIL best practices framework.

Web 2.0 .NET Architecture

The intuitive Microsoft .NET web-interface makes it easy to use and simple to deploy. Even non-technical staff can use ChangeGear with little to no training involved.

Business Policy Automation

Business rules engine will monitor ChangeGear according to specific rules and conditionally respond with the actions you specify. With the BPA, you can easily create new business rules and set up IT process automation and notifications.

Customisable Workflows

The standard workflow is based on ITIL best practices, but the built-in workflow editor allows you to customise the workflow to meet the needs of your organisation.

Notification & Alerts

Automated alerts about impending changes and email templates can be tailored for individual change notifications – ensuring the necessary personnel are notified at each stage in the change lifecycle.

Multi-level Approvals

Requests for approval are automatically sent to the approvers based on pre-defined conditions and progress within the workflow.

Task Management

Tasks associated with service request can be facilitated within the Change and Incident ticket. This allows you to assign tasks, track time, measure success rates, and calculate the dollar cost of IT services.

Resource Management

Impact analysis tools help organisations identify potential disruptions by highlighting the number of users and groups dependent on resources and services. ChangeGear enables comprehensive tracking and management of all IT resources.

Personalised Dashboard

Performance dashboard displays real-time graphs, metrics, and KPIs – providing up-to-date information about the change activities within your environment.

Historical Audit-Tracking

Change activity is tracked and documented for troubleshooting and meeting compliance audit requirements. The historical audit-trail will tell you what actions were taken, when the action was completed, who completed the action, and record any comments provided.

Real-time reporting

Reporting is simple with ChangeGear. You can report on all aspects of IT change activities using our pre-defined reports or the built-in ad-hoc reporting tool. ChangeGear also integrates with Crystal Reports.

Announcement Calendar

Web-based calendar that enables you to create, schedule, automate, and track messages. This tool allows you to proactively inform your users about important IT matters and improve overall communication from the IT department.

Mobile Access

Perform various actions such as submit service requests, approve change tickets, receive notifications, and escalate tickets on a mobile device. Use this tool to quickly enter requests while performing on-site troubleshooting or to respond to approval notifications.

Web Services SDK

Seamless integration allows you to change-enable your organisation. ChangeGear can easily integrate with an existing system monitoring, network management, or help desk application.

Module Editor

Dynamic Request Automation

Intelligent handling of requests that leverage the power of customised forms, advanced workflows, notifications, and approvals.

Forms Authoring

Form authoring tools give you complete control of the layout, labels, what fields are displayed on the ticket, actions, and workflows.