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Efficient Fulfilment of Routine Service Requests

The Service Request Management module is a fully integrated ITIL-based addition to your Sunview Software ChangeGear ITSM solution. The core benefit of implementing Service Request Management is that Requests are separated from Incidents. This allows for improved efficiency when managing routine service request tickets and at the same time, the separation increases the IT Organisation’s concentration on break/fix tickets that are now the exclusive focus of Incident Management.


The Service Request Management module was designed to be simple allowing line-of-business analysts to manage and control request fulfilment processes without the need for application development or significant technical experience.

Sample line-of-business use cases:

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Technical Requirements

Efficient Fulfilment
The power of ChangeGear can now be leveraged for Request Fulfilment, streamlining routine service requests. With the built-in workflow engine, Request tickets can automatically be channelled to the appropriate line-of-business delivery groups for fulfilment. So a facilities access request will be automatically sent to the facilities team to fulfil. This allows your Service Desk to focus on the critical Incident tickets that are now separate from Requests.

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Delivering value to the business is a key goal of IT. With Service Catalog and Service Request Management, the IT Organisation can increase the visibility of IT across the enterprise and deliver increased productivity by streamlining requests. Having an efficient Request Management solution will improve user satisfaction and help to build the perceived value of IT.

Since Service Request Management is fully integrated with the rest of the supported ITIL processes in the ChangeGear product line, any Service Request can be easily escalated to an Incident, Problem, Change or Line-of-Business Process. And, of course, any ticket that is in Incident, Problem or Change can be just as easily sent back to Service Request Management for fulfilment management.

Fast, easy and efficient, Service Request Management will help drive your IT Organisation to the next level of success. Learn more.