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Implementing a Service Catalog enables your IT organisation to increase value by communicating your IT service offerings in rich, descriptive business language in a centralised place. Efficient handling of service requests from the business is an important measure of IT effectiveness. IT needs a way to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. Service catalog management software can help you define, publish, and automate all IT service requests within your organisation.

With ChangeGear Service Catalog, IT organisations have an efficient way for their end-users to find available services, request services, report incidents, submit change requests, and leverage other critical resources to solve common problems immediately. Based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices, ChangeGear allows IT organisations to:

Service Catalog Manager
A powerful and intuitive design tool to quickly and easily model your service portfolio in line with the ITIL V3 best practices. The modern design allows you to take full advantage of HTML to develop robust catalog entries to using automated workflows, custom forms, approval processes, and templates to streamline the fulfilment process.

Service Catalog Navigator
Search the Navigator for all available services, including, fulfilment descriptions, related documentation, SLA details, costs, and associated services. Customisable views allow your end users to quickly sort the service items by category or in alphabetical order to find a specific service item.

Automated Service Request Fulfilment
As end users request services directly through the portal, the requests go through customisable routing, notification, and approval processes. The initial request subsequently turns into an approved and documented order that helps reduce risk through governance and controls.

Customisable Service Catalog Portal
Customise your service catalog views target groups of users by teams, locations, roles, or relationships. The portal is fully customisable by the administrator and includes the ability to include your own banner, custom HTML web parts, and a number of pre-designed web parts.


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